Ahaha hey…

I’ve been selling some patterns, or at least trying to, on eBay. The first one, a Santeenie, just sold, and the cash arrived straightaway. Hoorah!


It’s bought by someone in Spain. A man. Who has no record of purchasing anything knit-related.

And even though the listing states very clearly off the bat that it’s a pattern, not a knitted item, I am concerned. Concerned enough to butcher the listing through Google Translate, which tells me that he may be under the impression that I am auctioning off my nephew, Reilly. Though, to be fair, this guy has no record of buying babies either, not even creepy reborn dollies like Reilly. The bit about the printed out pattern does survive the GT transmogrification, though, so I am hopeful that he’s at least read that bit.

But but but. I’ve a smidge of experience at translating knitting patterns (including those supposedly already translated – ~cough~ DROPS). It’s not easy. Am I going to be getting emails in Spanish about my estupida patruna?

Is Santa Claus even a Spanish thing??

Are the shops going to be full of Hispanic Santeenie knock-offs this Christmas (well, let’s be realistic, by the August Bank Holiday Weekend)???

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