About Me

I learned crochet from my grandmother, knitting from my father, and was thoroughly put off sewing by my mother because she was so good I couldn’t hope to match her skills. I can manage buttons, hems get Wundawebbed, cross-stitch doesn’t count (haha, a pun). I’m trained as a psychologist, Jim, but not as you know it. Don’t tell me about your mother. I hear enough from her about you. After wasting a substantial number of years chasing (and unfortunately catching) my dreams, I taught cover in a “challenging” school in the armpit of England (TM) and am now pursuing teaching accreditation. I used to do so many exciting things, but now I have as much of a life as a mother and trainee teacher is permitted. I watch a lot of late-night sci-fi. Read. Explain why the sky is blue and why HOUSE isn’t pronounced ‘houseee’.

If you’re looking for my old blog, it’s here.

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