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A festive snowsuit for a 19in reborn doll.

This small project packs in a lot of different knitting techniques, all fully explained, with additional notes at the end of the pattern – if you don’t need them, don’t print them!

Plans are afoot to resize this for babies up to 18 months. But please do not to be holding your breaths in rapt anticipation as the author is a naturalised citizen of Procrastinatia.


Because You Can Never Have Too Much PI A lightly-felted fez (or an unfelted beanie) with Pi to the 50th decimal place on it.

Hair Scrunchies

Kindle Download (not free)

Use up your fun fur to crochet hair scrunchies!

Kindle Download(not free)

Etsy Download (not free)

Convertible fingerless mitts for children
Knitted 2 by 4 A clue-stick for those ungrateful gift recipients!!

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