Why is it so hard to find a book about knitting for a true beginner? Do knitters that are advanced enough to write books not remember how it was to learn to knit?

The current handcrafts fad was started by two beginners’ books – Stitch ’N Bitch and The Happy Hooker, both by Debbie Stoller. Most of the handcrafts magazines I see also have an absolute beginners’ section at the back of every issue. The former, as I recall, used photographs, and the latter are more likely to use diagrams.

My learning style is primarily visual, secondarily kinaesthetic (doing), and not remotely auditory. I find diagrams easiest to understand:

Diagrams of needles and yarn, demonstrating the knit stitch step by step.

photographs somewhat less so because people’s hands can get in the way more than help:

Image of a woman knitting - her hands hide some of the action of knitting.

and I prefer watching a living person who I can slow down or ask to repeat an action over video tuition. I have heard of some folk learning by ear, but I don’t even get how that’s possible.

Diagrams are more common in older books such as this one – here’s an example of a typical page:

Diagrams from an old learn-to-knit guide, showing needles, yarn and hand positioning.

I’d suggest you consider whether perhaps your learning style lends itself to ‘book-learning’ in the first instance, and see if YouTube or a live tutor might help you more.

Quora linky.

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