Probably the only zombie survival guide you’ll ever need…

So exciting! I can finally begin to talk about something that’s been under wraps for, oooh, about 18 months now! FYI, this has been killing me all this time. Secrets are not my forte. Thumbscrews, racks, etc., are wasted on me – just give me an audience and I will spill all.

I have a pattern in a Cooperative Press book (so proud…)! My first ever submission, too (so, so proud…)! AND — it’s available to pre-order right now!!!

It’ll be physically published in December 2013, but ya know,  (nuclear) Winter Is Coming, so go on over there and reserve your copy now. It’s a win-win – not only will you be properly kitted out for the apocalypse, but you’ll have marketable items you can trade for petrol and Twinkies, and you’ll be armed with repurposeable stakes and garrottes, and a nice heavy book to whack Reevers over the head with. Nifty, huh?

More info soon – watch out for DOOMvember – 30 Days (and Nights) to prepare. What(er) World will you choose to survive in? Will you find  (knitting) Serenity? Or will you be 28 Days Late(r)?

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